Şi când vânatul le-a scăpat Pe ei tot o să-i întâlneşti, Când se întorc de la vânat Cu tolba plină de poveşti.


AVPS brown bear, is a legal non-governmental, private, apolitical, non-profit with its own patrimony, distinct and indivisible, has name, location, logo and own flag, is built on the principle of free association of all hunters registered in its records , is headquartered in place. Roznov, str Roznoveanu, Neamt county no. 149 and operates with full autonomy organizational, functional and financial.

During operation A.V.P.S. Brown Bear is indefinite.

The purpose A.V.P.S. Brown Bear is the conservation of biodiversity and wildlife hunting and the natural environment for its development through sports and recreational hunting sustainably practiced as forms of recreation and leisure activities for its members.

AVPS Brown Bear hunting is an association of legally constituted and obtained the hunting no. 38 Buhuşi after the auction in August 2011. It is affiliated to AGVPS – Romania.


Abous us

NO hunting. 38 BUHUSI geographical 38 Buhuşi hunting territory of geomorphological place in Subcarpaţii Moldova Hill Mărgineni Commandments-Bahn. Land elevation is between 120 and 507 m average elevation of 250 m administrative classification In terms of forest administration, the hunting is in the range 38 Buhuşi OS Fântânele. In terms of territorial administration in the study area hunting takes place at the confluence of two counties, namely Bacau and Neamt, about 30% of the hunting fits in Bacau and Neamt 70% and conducted across the city and the villages Siliştea Buhuşi, Hociungi and Bahn. Hunting area is 7014 ha. Species of animal and bird hunting can...Read More



Localitatea Slobozia, Strada Ses nr. 126J Roznov, Judetul Neamt, Romania


0745 051 382